Farewell 2020

2020 WOW, there’s so much to say about this year…And somehow I feel that all the words can not come close to describe what we’ve been going through.In my personal story, this year started with my biggest fear coming to life – My sweet beloved father’s health deteriorated and from 31/12 I was by

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Holiday season thoughts…

I know the holiday season is all about shopping, excessive consumerism, and too many products being published on our feeds… Believe me, I have my inner dialogue with this, and I respect and hear all voices, within and outside of me, also the ones calling out against it. I do want to just put

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Gold chunks on a wooden table

The story of recycled gold

falling in love with gold I fell in love with gold jewelry while living, traveling, and creating in India. The deep color of the Indian 22ct Gold caught me and pulled me towards it.Gold is the metal that has the highest frequency and is being used as a symbol of abundance throughout many traditions

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